Front elevation with grey tile roof and yellow bricks

View of the backyard with swimming pool

View from the entrance to the garden

Ground Floor

First Floor


Ness Ziona G Residence


700 sq.m.

A proposed residential complex for an extended family that includes 3 separate housing units, a shared yard and a swimming pool. Each unit has its own entrance and an independent pergola, but the children can play together in the yard.

The trapezoidal plot which does not have even one side parallel to another proved to be a design challenge. The proposed solution was to divide the structure into three rectangular blocks, with trapezoidal staircases that also served as the entrances.

The stairwells are stepped back from the street and their proportions are narrow in relation to the residential mass. They are covered with bricks toward the street and transparent towards the backyard.

From the entrance to the house, one can see into the courtyard through the airy stairs made of iron and natural wood. On the first floor, a bridge with wooden flooring connects the 2 parts of the building and the bedrooms facing the garden and also leads to a covered balcony in between. (the balcony is not considered in the area count, in Nes Ziona).

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Ness Ziona G Residence