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    Private Homes
    Neighborhood Planning
    Country Residence Design
    Office Design
    Luxury Apartment Planning

    A personal, detailed boutique home architecture, tailor-made to the customer needs and taste.
    By choosing to work on a limited number of quality projects to which I pay close attention, I can
    dedicate my full personal and close support, throughout the design and construction process.

    A total design combining architecture and interior design in one package aimed to achieve unique
    and exclusive internal spaces. My desire, creativity, advanced spatial vision and dominant sense of
    aesthetics serve as my toolbox in designing your home and its various spaces.

    The house is a part of its surroundings. I design its positioning, openings, and shape while
    considering the position of the sun, direction of the wind and the lot’s data, to create an harmonic
    and pleasant structure that is connected to the forces of nature. I am inspired in my work, my
    personal life as well as my own home, from nature’s beauty and harmony, which constitutes a
    balancing, relaxing and essential element in my life.

    Vast technical knowledge combined with correct cooperation with work professional such as
    consultants, suppliers, and executors, to achieve a detailed and comprehensive set of plans for the
    house. This set of plans combines all the relevant systems and begins right from the planning
    phases. These plans form a major part of my job, which continues all along the execution of the
    project until the finalization of the construction.

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