Exterior view of the home at night

Exterior view of the home

Natural light fills the living room from the large windows and doors

Staircase with a view into the kitchen


Dining Area

Wooden table & chandelier

Wood and metal stairs

View of ground floor and first floor



Mishmar Residence


 220 sq.m.

Internal Design: Galia Sternberg

Photography: Shai Adam


The house is located in Moshav Magshimim, originally, an Israeli cooperative community and now a centrally located rural town. The plot is surrounded by open fields.

The house has a "country" style look on the outside but inside is very airy and modern thanks to the open space plan and the industrial grey concrete floor. The owners wanted a cream colored house, with cream colored furniture windows and doors. The minimalistic tones and concrete floor contrast with the heavy ornate wooden furniture. Old and new, are mixed together in a refreshing manner, and give the house a cozy yet quiet feel.

The steel windows of the house were designed for large open views and minimal lines, but with security in mind. Steel bars are welded outside the windows only on the parts that open. The dining and living room walls are extra thick so that niches and deep shelves could be built into them for placing ornate objects or statues.

The public spaces are separate and defined yet connected visually, an important aspect for families with young children.

The front door is also of cream colored steel, and near it is the family room and central stairwell. The stairs have Oak wood treads, different from the concrete of the ground floor, thus hinting that the floors of the upper level are different- they are covered with parquet.



2010 Photos: Shy Adam

A 220 sq.m. house in Moshav Mishmar Hashiva, originally, an Israeli cooperative community.[:]

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Mishmar Residence