View from Ibn Gvirol street of the mall

Exterior of the mall

The Century Mall interior with shops

The escalators and entrance from within

Printed graphics on glass

The escalators with light columns

Century mall by day


Century Tower Mall


Photography: Shai Epshtein, and office photos

We were asked to design a complete renovation of the street facade and public areas of the Century Tower shopping mall on Tel-Aviv’s busy Ibn Gvirol boulevard.

The Century Tower mall houses several health related businesses such as Kupat Holim, Mor institute, a Superpharm store, Studio C and Studio B gym and dance branches. The health theme became a focal point of our design as we sought to bring a more light, airy and youthful style into the mall.

Our work involved searching for and showing the owners (Hayarkon group and Amot Holdings) several innovative design concepts using 3D imaging before implementing the chosen concept:

Delicate bamboo stalks in light green and grey on a white background were printed on glass panels throughout the mall. This recurring color scheme was also used in the public WC's.

The old dark grey columns were refitted with glass and became “light columns” emitting light throughout the floors. The floors were refitted in greyish white 120/120 porcelain tiles and ceilings were renewed.

The street facade was redone in anti-vandal grey porcelain granite tile with the bamboo theme recurring as light strips that come on at night pulsing slowly as they randomly grow lighter or darker mimicking a breathing effect.

The most significant difference was the main entrance to the mall. Before the renovation, the entrance was easily overlooked, as just another window in the long glass facade. Heightening the beams and using a  revolving door we managed to emphasize and differentiate the entrance whilst protecting it from the winds created by the tower above.

Supervision: Maof Engineers

Contractor: Rom Geves LTD.

Lighting design: RTLD lighting consultants

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