Tal Rosin, A Technion graduate with honors in architecture with 25 years seniority in the profession.

I did my internship at the renowned office of “Chyutin Architects”. I was a part of the design and execution of the Haifa hall of justice project for 6 years. This project won the “Rechter” award in 2006. During these years, I acquired, from the best in the business, everything I could about architecture and the ways to create it, about totality and dedication, creating an original structure and transforming it from an idea into a building that meets every functionality and technological requirements, without losing its initial uniqueness and quality. On top of that, I learned a lot about my ability to search and discover many suggestions and ideas to deal with a specific situation.

To this day, I apply this knowledge in designing homes and buildings in my architectural firm. I join my clients’ needs, visions, and desires with my knowledge and talent and together we form the special and right home for them with me as their guide in the world of architecture.
During the process, I come up with uniquely shaped design ideas to the ever-developing home, while expanding them with the help of external consultants. For example, the landscape designer will raise ideas to integrate vegetation in the patio around which we build the house and the lighting designer will suggest ways to light the surface without unnecessary reflections.

Working with Tal Rosin architect

I will be walking you through the whole process, from beginning to end, including all the necessary steps, collection of needed permits, construction permits, tenders submissions and the selection of professionals who are going to execute the project. During the execution phases, I will arrive at the site and supervise the ongoing works to ensure that all is performed according to the agreed plans. I accompany you in the process of choosing the materials and accessories to the house, to ensure that everything will fit perfectly and will finally look the best in your new home.

An office which is a home

I established “Tal Rosin architect” to realize your dreams. I conduct the project in full cooperation, and when we work together, I guarantee you will receive information regarding the latest updates in home planning and design, and most importantly, my companion and assistance all along the way – until you have created your dream home.

I would love to meet up with you and hear how you would imagine your home to look like, and to realize this dream together with you.

For additional information and to set up an initial meeting please contact Tal Rosin architect
Through the website or on 050-654-6028