Front entry

Front desk with accent wall

Corridor with famous faces

Corridor 2

Large windows bring light into the space

Meeting areas

Conference room with a view

Circular curves of the walls

Glass paneling


Globe lighting


NMC United, Cinema City


In collaboration with Galia Sternberg

Photography: Uzi Porat

1500 sq.m. offices of Israel's largest entertainment distribution company are located on the top floor of the Cinema City Complex in Gelilot. The space formerly occupied by an advertising firm was renovated extensively partly due to the fact that the entrance was moved in order to create privacy for artists and VIPs. The hallways are wider than usual so that receptions and parties can be held easily. We also kept the ends open with wide windows letting in daylight and sea views. The office walls are clear glass from floor to ceiling allowing for connecting views throughout the office and a sense of open space. The style is clean and modern, white walls and white furniture against a grey concrete floor. The entrance walls are adorned with huge posters of famous singers and actors. On one of them we planned a long protruding box showcasing a collection of current discs and movies that were produced or are distributed by the company.

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NMC United, Cinema City