Green Building

Neta Davidie (LEED AP interior design and construction) about green building and environmental consciousness

“At Davidie Rozin we believe that protecting our environment is a matter of the utmost importance. Because Israel is a country with many urgent problems, environmental issues usually get pushed down the list of priorities. That is why, as caring citizens, we have to lead the way and raise awareness.”

Green architecture means paying attention to the small details as well as the overall plan

“Design and planning should be done with environmental consciousness in mind, it is not something that is too difficult or too expensive. Sometimes a small effort can go a long way towards greener building and greener living.”

“By planning right we can minimize the impact we have on our surroundings, we can lower the cost of heating and cooling our buildings; we can recycle more efficiently and even reuse water.”

Read more about how Davidie Rozin design with environmental consciousness in a Tel-Aviv residential project

Standard 5281 The Israeli institute of standards came out with a new Israeli Standard for ‘green building’ in 2006. The standard which was revised in 2011, is voluntary, yet more and more buildings in Israel are being built according to it and asking to be recognized as a ‘green’ buildings.


Presentation shown in our office during “Open House Tel-Aviv” 2012

Green building for private homes

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