The entrance path with bluestone "fish-bone" design

View from the street

The Front Gate

Living area

The white kitchen

Dining area

Pool Area

Front Facade with Vehicle Garage

Back Facade with Pool and Pergola

Ground Floor

First Floor


Savion Residence


450 sq.m.

A private residence in Savion for a family of 5 on a 1.3 Dunam lot.

While keeping the atmosphere and views of their beloved but old house, the owners requested that a new one be built with all the latest technologies and an infinity pool. The house is divided into two distinct wings: a one-story public area open to the garden and the pool, and a two story bedroom wing which houses the children's bedrooms on the ground floor and the parent's bedroom suite with study on the top floor. In between these two areas are the stairwell and the family room with double height ceilings. The pool is adjacent to the family room and living room yet situated in a way that allows view and access to the large garden.


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Savion Residence